Exclusive Offer to Summer Discovery Alumni from Early Stage Careers

Kickstart the Job Search Process for College Students and Recent Grads

For years, students have grown through Summer Discovery's enriching pre-college experiences. Now, Early Stage Careers and Summer Discovery are partnering to help these students prepare for their careers.

Get the inside track to get hired from college today 

Young graduates face many more obstacles in today's entry level job marketplace. Some of the reasons students stumble on the way to a job offer include:

  • Resumes that are lackluster and do not get read
  • LinkedIn profiles that do not work
  • Interviews that fail due to poor preparation or performance.

College career services is not your answer. They are underfunded, understaffed, and oversubscribed. Your students need more direction, knowledge, and help than career services staff can provide. 

The job search process is clearly overwhelming and daunting.

Unsure of where or how to begin? Get Started Now 

To launch our partnership, Early Stage Careers is extending an exclusive offer to Summer Discovery Alumni families: An up to 30-minute Early Stage Careers complimentary coaching session, and a gratis copy of the Early Stage Careers Top 10 Recruiter Tips to Get Hired. 

The Early Stage Careers Complimentary Coaching Session


During your complimentary coaching session, parents along with their college student/recent grad will get expert advice and valuable tips to start their job search.

Coaching sessions will focus on a student's Resume, LinkedIn profile, or Interview skills.

Please click below by May 1, 2017 to schedule your complimentary up to 30-minute coaching session.


Bonus: Early Stage Careers Top 10 Recruiter Tips to Get Hired

What do the Early Stage Careers experts and top corporate recruiters have to say about the hiring process? Our Top 10 Recruiter Tips to Get Hired is a valuable tool that gives specific examples of what recruiters & hiring managers look for in college students and recent graduates when making hiring decisions.

By signing up for an Early Stage Careers Complimentary Coaching Session by May 1, 2017, you'll also receive a gratis copy of the Top 10 Recruiter Tips to Get Hired.