The New York Post calls us “The New Job Squad”

Job Squad pic.jpeg

By Rachelle Bergstein [excerpt from The New York Post]

“We tell parents, this process is wrought with the most amount of rejection that your student will ever experience in their life…”

As the job market grows increasingly competitive — millennials are the largest generation in the workforce as of 2016, according to Pew Research — parents are hiring a slew of coaches to help their undergrads find careers.

Tipograph and Mitler offer college kids career guidance via regular phone calls from their dorm rooms and in-person sessions over holiday breaks. They advise on the best courses to take and extracurricular activities to catch employers’ eyes. They keep students on top of deadlines, such as the cutoffs for those coveted finance-industry internships, and ensure their social-media accounts align with their goals. They also coach them through the strange, techy curveballs of the 2018 job market — for example, how to ace preliminary interviews with artificially intelligent screening bots. (That’s not a situation most parents are equipped to handle, Tiopgraph says: “In many cases, they haven’t looked for a job in 20, 25 years.”)

Can your college student or grad provide you with a detailed plan for attaining their career aspirations?

Give them the expert guidance to succeed in identifying and landing the job they need to kickstart their career.