Internship Coaching

Did you know that the overwhelming majority of jobs—between 70 and 80 percent—are secured not via job sites, but through networking and internal referrals?

Securing the right internship is a crucial key to landing the job that will launch your career - and our track record speaks to our ability to help students land competitive, right-fit internships. It’s never too soon to start working towards your future, so if our internship coaches can help you map out and navigate your career path while you’re still a student, it’ll be much easier to land employment after graduation.

Our Track Record

100% Internship Placement Success Rate


Our goal is to help you get the kinds of internships that will clarify your career direction, and build the experiences that will help you bridge the gap between college and the job marketplace.


MarketWatch names Early Stage Careers the “Career Concierge” who helps students land their dream job (or internship)!

Our Process


Our proven, customized program is tailored specifically to help college students secure meaningful internships. We teach students how to find an internship and secure an offer. We’ll strategize with you to help you understand and source your options, and narrow down your choices. We coach you through the sometimes overwhelming process of crafting an effective resume and cover letters, and other business communications.

We will make sure your coursework is taking you in the right direction, along with optimal activities and leadership experiences.  We will evaluate your technology and social media skills to ensure they are up to the standards expected by today’s employers.

We meticulously guide you through the interview process until you feel empowered and prepared, and we recommend steps to take to stand out as a top candidate.

Working with them helped me achieve my goal of a summer internship with a company that suited my interests and academic background.
— Blake S. (New York University)

Because choosing the right internship is one thing—landing it is quite another. We’ll coach you through the entire process. 

Want to do it all in one day?

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