Employer Workshops


Working with younger employees and recent graduates can be challenging for many company executives and managers – we frequently hear of a generational disconnect between employees and their co-workers or supervisors. Early Stage Careers organizes and runs workshops to help bridge this gap. We work with executives and supervisors to help them connect with their younger employees, and work with young employees & interns to help them adapt to the company culture and professional life. Please contact info@earlystagecareers.com for more information.

When we think it is appropriate, we will use our network of personal and professional contacts to create introductions, putting employers in touch with qualified candidates who have the skills to succeed with their company.

Educational Institutions

Navigating the path from education to employment is complex and challenging. Understanding what lies ahead, and how to plan ahead, is critical. In order to do this, students must learn how to take advantage of the resources of their secondary school or university; and to produce successful graduates, educational institutions must gear their work towards 21st century students. Early Stage Careers produces talks and workshops, as well as curates and moderates panels, with parents, educators, college counseling and career services offices, and students on these topics and more. Please contact info@earlystagecareers.com for more information.